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Gift ideas

Discover our new collections of natural and ecological products and be surprised by one of our suggestions!


  • Gift cards


    A special occasion ?

    Offer a Gecodart gift card!

    Choose a gift card, the amount and write a message, all that's left to do is offer it!


    How does it work ?

    The Gecodart gift card can be used in one or several times, within the limit of the credited amount and can be completed by the payment method of your choice.

    Its value is between 10 and 500, to be defined at the time of purchase, valid for one year from the date of purchase and usable only on our website gecodart.ch


  • Handcrafted box

    Discover the wonderful sensations conveyed by our handmade, natural and eco-responsible products that are sure to please everyone. Buy now and be surprised!

  • Atmosphere box

    Personalise the atmosphere in your home with one of our fragrance gift sets.

  • Wellness box

    Well-being gift sets, your care set for every occasion!

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